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Cloud Based Document Management System

The advantage of using Document Management System used to be files organization so they can be retrieved fast and easily. The InnoDMS offers much more than that, it keeps backup and versions of files so they can be retrieved upon request, this become essential while Ransomware are threatening computer users! With the InnoDMS, your files will be well protected and the damage will be kept minimal. The InnoDMS provides you a user friendly document management system with files security, document security and data security.

InnoDMS is a comprehensive document management system that can handle any of your business-critical content from loan-origination processes and insurance claims to sensitive legal documents. As the InnoDMS is a cloud based solution, you can access your data anywhere and anytime.


Online Preview

Documents can be viewed online without the need to download and open.

Revision Control

The system provides support for both major updates (version 1 to version 2) and minor updates (version 1.1 to version 1.2).

Powerful Workflow

A fully configurable workflow engine is enbedded to help manage your internal business processes.

File Tracking & Auditing

Full version control in our document management solution allows users to track who changed what and when.


The OCR system supports over 30 languages which includes English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

DWG Integration

You may preview and edit DWG files directly in the system.

TimeSheet Management & Cost Analysis

Through a simple interface, the InnoTimesheet system records the time your staff have spent on different tasks and projects. As such, the manpower spent on each project can be recorded and measured. Therefore, the information needed for salary/profit sharing calculations as well as cost can be easily calculated. Below are other advantages to utilizing our InnoTimesheet system: 



• Timesheets filling and recording
• Staff costing calculation
• Manpower consumption and cnalysis
• Project costing management, reports and analysis
• Resources, commission and profit sharing measurement calculation;
• Recording the time spent in a particular project by each team member
• Leave records

• Claim rejection reason will be recorded all through
• Claim with time limitation after expense date
• Approved claim form can be print for record
• Final reimbursement amount and date recorded for accounting purpose
• Periodic report can be customized for export in excel form for further process

Electronic Expense Claim Management

The WEB based eClaim Management system can assist you in monitoring, processing, and approving expense pay as well as audit employee-initiated expenses. A report can then be generated to import to an accounting system. A single claim can be composed of multiple local or oversea expenses and each expense can be either charged to the office (central matter), project (team or client), or even to different projects (with different percentages) for accounting purposes.



• Support local / oversea expenses claim
• Support multi-currency
• Claim charge to office / project / client
• Record claim nature such as staff messing / travelling / etc
• Management can assign approver for each user by team or individually
• Multi-level of electronic approval / reject / re-submit process

• Claim rejection reason will be recorded all through • Claim with time limitation after expense date
• Approved claim form can be print for record
• Final reimbursement amount and date recorded for accounting purpose
• Periodic report can be customized for export in excel form for further process

HK / PRC / Taiwan Reseller


Digital Green Technology (DG)

Founded in 2010, they specialize in energy management solutions, networking and wireless technologies. They distribute environmental friendly green products and develop innovative total solutions for home, office and industrial automation. In 2020, they was appoint as Cyberexcel reseller for all product in HK / PRC and Taiwan.

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT support and service has been proved cost-effective with flexibility to cater the rapid changes of the market and the growing of business. Our engineering teams are formed by experienced system and software engineers, serving organizations of different sizes: SME, Public Listed Companies, NGOs etc. 

For more than 3 decades, our outsourcing services have helped businesses improve productivity, manage costs and assets, improve customer service, and capitalize on market changes.  With our outsourcing services, you have the flexibility to choose as much or as little help as you want. We work with you to find the right solution for your goals.


Desktop Management Services

We offer standard desktop services which can be selected and integrated in a variety of configurations to your business needs. We provide you with a core set of support, client and infrastructure services that span the lifecycle of the desktop environment at a predictable cost. E-services, mobility services and premium service-level solutions can be added to the core solution based on your requirements. Our solutions include planning and deployment, on-going operations, and relationship management.

Messaging and Collaboration Services

We deliver global, scalable Microsoft Exchange messaging services which ensure secure, highly available environments at service levels that meet individual customer requirements. Our messaging and collaboration service allows your company to focus on what it takes to be successful in your core business. Messaging and collaboration provides competitively priced alternatives to building, staffing, and managing your messaging facility and infrastructure in-house. A datasheet with more information is available on this page.

Network Security

We offer services specifically addressing mobile professionals' needs. These provide secure access and management of laptops and appliances to mobile workforces. They enable employees to work at home, in remote offices, and in transit. In addition, many features included in the desktop management and messaging and collaboration services address the needs of a mobile community.

Our outsourcing services are part of our complete portfolio of IT services, which includes consulting, mission critical support, education, and financing services.


Network Design


Server Room


Network Security

Firewall Retaining

Disaster Recovery

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity, computer security and IT security combine to protect computer systems and networks from theft or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.
We have decades of experience in helping our clients through our out-source service in protecting their data with top of the line skill, technology, equipment, software, and hardware. We can provide a one-stop-shop service to protect your most valuable asset - data.






Malware Protection


Ransomware Protection 

Hosting Service 


We work with GoDaddy to provide WEB hosting service to user worldwide since 2016

• Domain registration
• WEB site design & hosting 
• Build Online store  & Hosting 
• eMail Hosting 
• Document server hosting
• other

Corporate WEB Site

We understand that building a professional website may seem like a daunting and expensive endeavor. The reality is that getting a professional website for your business can be cheap and easy. In fact, not having a website can be costing you time and money. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a website:


Attract new customers & make more money


Add instant credibility to your business


Saves you time


Stay in control of your business


It’s not as hard, or as expensive


Anyone, Anywhere & Anytime

Online Shop

People in today’s world are used to going online in order to shop for the products that they need. Through an online shop, they can easily access online stores through their personal computers or mobile devices and order what they want. The ordered products would then be delivered to their doorstep. Here is a list of 6 advantages that online shopping has when compared to traditional shopping.


Shop open 24/7


Global Market


More Customers Shop at the same time


Customer Trends to Buy More


Easy Social Media Marketing


No Crowd

WEB Based Project 

Computerized Map Enquiry System for Tourist
(for HKTA & Lands Department)

GIS Study Project
(for Fire Department with prototype)

Study Project
(for the Force with prototype)

Develop and setup the WEB site
for “Asian Benchmarking Clearinghouse”

Develop and setup the WEB Base Timesheet Management & CRM
for “Steve Leung Designers Limited”

WEB site development Work

Application Development 

SmartMap,  CD Version of GIS Engine, worked with Scott Wilson & Lands Dept.

EasyMap Application
(Client/Server Version of GIS Engine)

Cyber Map Application
(Internet Version of GIS Engine)

EasyFM, Computer Aid Facility Management System

KiddyPanda, Electronic Learning System

ClinicTech, Clinic Management System             

Project Implemented 

Parking Management System
(for Wilson Parking)

Sewage and Drainage Management System
(for Leal Senado, Macau)

Strategic Study on Public Transport Development
(DSSOPT of Macau)

Work Record Plan
(for Lands Department)

Outdoor Work Registry
for Lands Department)

Logistics planning in applying of GIS System
(for Apply Daily)

Coverage Mapping System for Customer Services Executives (for Hutchison Telecom)

Electronic Road Maintenance System
(for Leal Senado, Macau)

Logistics planning in applying of GIS System
(for Apply Daily)                     


Over the past decades, we have been appointed as IT consultants for over 50 companies ranging from tens of staff to publicly listed companies to assist them in building up thier IT departments or their CAD centers.  

Steve Leung Designers Limited

InCube Design Limited

Funful Group of Schools

ACER Consultant
(previous known as Freeman Fox)

China Light & Power Company Limited

Castle Peak Power Company Limited

Swire Engineering

Watson Hawksley

Hong Kong Telephone Company Limited

Our Client Testimonials


Recommend the services of Cyberexcel

As we grow from a single office design company in Hong Kong with 50+ staff, to the group of 5 offices with over 400 users in Greater China, Cyberexcel has been serving us with professional suggestions, solution and support services; and has been keeping our computer system running reliably with expandability.


Kenny Siu,
Steve Leung Designers Limited



We highly recommend Cyberexcel 

We highly recommend Cyberexcel to any corporation that seeks for further IT development and outsourced IT service.


Vincent Wong, 
AMS Public Transport Holdings Limited



Recommend Cyberexcel very highly

I recommend Cyberexcel very highly for a company that seeks for professional IT outsourced service with very high-quality requirements


Dominic Kwan,
K & W Architects Ltd

Authorized Person (Architect)

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Full Protection to Document 

You Just Seat Back and Relax

We will retrieve your lost or deleted files 

Cyberexcel Cloud Backup Service




我們會為你找回遺失 或 無意刪除的文件

Our Cloud Backup Service

The Cyberexcel Cloud Backup Service stores copies of documents and data in another location (remote site).
Therefore, your valuable document and information can be prevented from being damaged by accidents in the office. We’ll respond to the user's requirements to find the specified files in the backup within the promised time, which is convenient and fast!
And in extreme situations, such as when the hard disk of the server in the office is damaged and the files or data cannot be used, the Cyberexcel Cloud Backup Service is the guardian of these files, allowing you to rest assured that the files are having backup! Reduce losses! Resume the productivity as soon as possible.


Cyberexcel 全面雲端備份服務,讓文件和資料的副本儲存在另一地點,不在同一辦公室裡 (異地備份)。
而且在極端事態上,例如辦公室裡的服務器的硬碟損壞而文件或資料無法被採用時,Cyberexcel 的全面雲端備份服務便是這些文件的守護員讓你們安枕無優!減少損失!快速回復生產力。


最多幼稚園採用的幼兒教育 學習機

以平板電腦學習,另一好處就是免紙張下載補充練習,除了透過網絡於KiddyPanda支援中下載最新由小一至小六補充練習外,學校及教師可透過簡單的試算表中輸入試題,透過Panda Pad程式轉換及上載至伺服器,供免費下載。現時內置或可提供下載的包括TSA模擬試題及小學中英數常補充練習(小一至小六) ,並提供兩年免費下載補充練習服務。


益智防撞 兒童專用 Tablet


Panda Pad建基於原生Android 系統上的平板電腦,開發團隊於平板電腦上開發一套內置綜合多項學習功能、家課練習輸入、故事及遊戲功能於一身的學習系統;而新一代的系統除了能提供多種學習模式外,還可以讓家長、教師等自行輸入補充練習、電子教科書等內容,更能切合學校及教師需要。



PandaPad的學字練習程式相等於Copy book的練習,但更直接地以筆順方式教導小朋友學習正確繁簡中文及英文字母寫法,從而小朋友會因要寫出正確筆順而努力練習,同時亦顯示字型及字義,雙向學習。








PCM 專題報導PandaPAD 傑智寶